Water Conserv II


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Water Conserv II’s Environmental Benefits Include: 

  • Elimination of surface water discharge to environmentally sensitive surface water.
  • Turned a liability (effluent) into an asset (reclaimed water) for beneficial use.
  • Proven, beneficial and cost-effective year-round reclaimed water reuse.
  • Reduced demand on the Floridan aquifer by eliminating the need for well water for irrigation.
  • Accelerated recharge of the Floridan aquifer through the discharge of
    reclaimed water to the RIBs.
  • Established preserves within the Rapid Infiltration Basin sites for endangered, threatened and concerned species of plants and
    animals. Current documented species include:

    • Scrub Plum
    • Clasping Warea
    • Lewton’s Milkwort
    • Sand Spike Moss
    • Scrub Morning Glory
    • Gopher Tortoise
    • Sherman ’s Fox Squirrel
    • Eastern Indigo Snake
    • Sand Skink
    • Florida Sandhill Crane
    • American Alligator
    • Roseate Spoonbill
    • Northern River Otter
    • Great Horned Owl
Threatened, endangered and concerned animal species in Florida
Threatened, endangered and concerned fauna in Florida

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