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Water Conserv II has a staff of 17 full-time professionals from Woodard & Curran that operate, maintain and manage the project for the City of Orlando and Orange County. Woodard & Curran is the contract operator for Water Conserv II. Because of dual ownership, the City and County decided at the beginning of the project in 1986 to hire a contract operator. The contract is cost-plus-fixed-fee and the term is 5 years. The City and County retained overall management responsibility for the project.

The staff is comprised of 2 Reclaimed Water Techs II, 3 Reclaimed Water Techs III, 2 Reclaimed Water Specialists, 3 Mechanics, an Equipment Operator, an Instrument Specialist, an Electrician, an Administrative Assistant, a Maintenance Chief, an Operations Chief and a Senior Project Manager. Four staff members comprise the Water Conserv II Safety Committee. All staff members are certified in Basic First Aid and CPR and receive annual Defensive Driving training.

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Water Conserv II ~ 17498 McKinney Road ~ Winter Garden, FL 34787